Our Technology Partners

The Viadex ability to meet and exceed your expectations is directly linked to the strength of our partnerships with best of breed vendors and key distributors.

Long standing relationships with technology partners allow us access to roadmaps and reference architecture that bring business solutions to your IT projects.

We provide:
•  Competitive commercial pricing
•  A Viadex Single point of Contact
•  Consistent vendor relationships
•  Access to the right vendor representatives
•  Global supply chain management and in-country technical support


Agility, excellence and innovation
are part of our core values.

Viadex Engineer at the Server


Strategic Partners

Recognised by global technology leaders, we are able to simplify the data centre and solve real business problems. Highly certified engineers provide the design, deployment and services that play an important role in your strategy.

Our strategic partners are leaders in identifying and redefining new industry trends. They form the cornerstone of your infrastructure. We are able to provide consolidation, application performance, mobility and global support efficiencies as part of multi-vendor solutions.



Key Partners

Specific technologies and manufacturers play can key role in delivering your business value. We scope and enable new levels of performance, considering your business objectives and your IT priorities.

By working with these industry leaders we are responsive to our customers' needs and we deliver outstanding levels of service in every engagement, everywhere.


Innovation Partners

Our directors have a combined experience of over 100 years in IT. Our responsiveness drives a need to identify next generation technologies that can give you a competitive edge and drastically reduce costs.

Nutanix Part ner Reseller




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Client Testimonials

One of the worlds leading online gaming software providers has been a very happy client since 2002:

  • Why have you chosen to work with Viadex?

    Initially it was simply a matter of supply needs; it was convenient. Over the years the relationship has shifted from one-off purchase and supply, to a mutually beneficial partnership. I continue to invest in the relationship with Viadex because it offers a lot of advantages to me as Head of IT for a global business. These advantages include but are not limited to having an advocate working for us in discussions with vendors, having someone to make contact with vendors and either arrange proof of concept engagements or provide some background and advise relating to the vendor.

  • What are the primary benefits and/or results Viadex brings to your organisation?

    Viadex understands our business, Viadex recognises that we are a global business requiring supply to many locations, invoicing to varied entitles and that we exist in a market where there are real advantages in terms of getting to market quickly and as a result we have high expectations when it comes to logistics turnaround times.

    The Viadex account team takes time to visit our IT team and understand our project roadmap which enables them to align to our needs, as well as to offer potential solutions to address on-going challenges. Viadex recognizes the high level of technical skill in our organisation and helps us connect with the appropriate calibre of representatives from various vendors.

    Viadex assists with managing our support relationships with vendors, and taking the above into account they also help us bypass the lower levels of support and obtain quality support levels.

    Viadex advises us of how best to handle vendors, how to maximise value in our engagements and how to achieve the best return on our investments by considering alternative vendors, taking note of the timing of our purchases and optimally structuring our investment.

  • What is the process of working with Viadex like?

    Viadex has a friendly, open engagement with us. Viadex invests in face time with multiple touch-points to provide a service across the IT spectrum. The relationship is professionally owned by an account executive who is assisted by a technical team and a procurement team. The friendly and generally informal engagements suit my style; however Viadex has a professional and formal image for the times when it is appropriate. Viadex strives to respond to mails with minimal delay and is always available to take a call.

  • Why would you recommend Viadex?

    As Head of IT I appreciate not having to sweat over the details of procurement and vendor management. I am enabled to focus on delivering the business solution knowing that I can rely on Viadex to represent our best interests in commercial discussions. Viadex presents their proposed solution for review after doing the legwork. I enjoy working with the Viadex team, I have learnt a lot from them and I believe they have learnt from us too. It is a true partner relationship.