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Working with a variety of market leading partners, Viadex Discover can provide you with easy to use, cloud-based tools with a factual overview of your customer’s engagement journey, habits and loyalty.

Viadex’s ability to meet and exceed your expectations is directly linked to the strength of our relationships with our best of breed vendors and key distributors. Long standing relationships mean that our key partners go that extra mile for us, so that we can do the same for you when you need it.


Founded in 2007 in Cape Town, South Africa, HipZone offers a suite of WiFi, Insights, Analytics and Proximity Marketing tools, for the brick & mortar retail and hospitality industries.

HipZone offers Marketing & Operations the opportunity to better understand their customers, and therefore ensure that all engagement, whether online or in-store is personal, relevant, and on-brand. The opportunity to surprise and engage with customers in-store and affect purchase decisions prior to check-out makes us unique. This is achieved by providing insights and analytics, starting with the equivalent of ‘Google Analytics’ for brick & mortar venues, but with a full scope of bespoke reports based on specific Marketing, Operations or Executive requirements.


Solutions include:



HipWiFi is a guest WiFi authentication platform that collects customer data from Wi-Fi and links to customer traffic database, rapidly allowing your loyalty programs to gain traction. 


HipRM stands for Research and Media which are the 2 key elements of the Wi-Fi UX platform. 

Ask your loyal customers 2 simple questions, gain insights, and promote your products. HipRM can work with your existing Wi-Fi and gives you incredible insight into shopper/visitor behaviour and preferences.


HipJAM is your Bricks and Mortar Analytics ideal for any public space. The HipJAM dashboard, recognises footfall past your venue as well as unique entry traffic, repeat visitors and multi-Location shoppers.

From an easy to use dashboard, you are then able to create bespoke reports in line with the needs of your business, enabling you to:

  • Measure the ROI of offline marketing Benefits
  • Build a more loyal customer base
  • Boost store productivity
  • Improve your bottom line


HipENGAGE houses our proximity marketing portfolio which includes, but is not limited to: API integration (Reward programs, Loyalty cards, Store cards, etc), Event management, Beacon & Application, NFC, and geo-located services and communications


HipHUB is the mighty engine behind the scenes, manage campaigns, reports and much more in a simple cloud based dashboard.


We are an authorised Cisco Meraki reseller allowing you to have 100% cloud managed WiFi for faster deployment, simplified administration and richer visibility.

Cisco Meraki access points are built from the highest grade components and carefully optimised for a seamless user experience.

This in turn gives you faster connections, greater user capacity, more coverage, and fewer support calls.
The Cisco Meraki dashboard gives visibility into the network users, their devices, and their applications. Armed with rich analytics, administrators can quickly create access control and application usage policies, optimising both the end-user experience and network security.


Cisco Meraki Authorised Reseller Partner

The technical and strategic capability

With our technical and strategic expertise and our experience with Cisco Meraki, we are able to offer solutions which cover wireless, networking, security and management controls.

Cisco Meraki offers high performance from reliable installation and support. We provide performance, security and deep insight enabling smarter network management and the best user experience.

Featured solutions:

Next gen retail

Cisco Meraki's integrated solution enables enhanced guest experiences while delivering the rich intelligence required to drive business decisions and increase customer loyalty. Meet compliance requirements with the easiest to deploy and manage system that also propels your business forward.

Read more here.

Purple WiFi

Purple WiFi provides businesses with enterprise guest WiFi which meets all legal requirements while delivering valuable analytical information about the guests. See their age, their gender, how often they visit and how long they stay online at the venue.

Rich segmented data using social media authentication in turn generates an engagement tool to promote relevant offers to the WiFi users and their wider social community.


Purple WiFi Technology Reseller Partner

Guest WiFi standard features

Our licence pricing is based on the expected number of concurrent users that use the WiFi network and starts at up to 40 users, scaling up to tens of thousands.

Content filtering

By purchasing this option, the venue owner gets all the Guest WiFi features with the addition of our family friendly content filtering system.

To enable content filtering additional licences can be purchased. The additional fee is calculated using the expected number of users on the WiFi network.

Presence analytics

Purple WiFi’s presence analytics works by tracking the MAC address (unique number associated with any WiFi enabled device) and the received signal strength indicator (RSSI). This tracking capability is relevant to all devices regardless of whether the user authenticates onto the network or not.

We can track how long the devices stay in a location and how often the device returns. Reports can then be generated on data such as footfall, repeat vs new visitors, average number of visits, average visitor duration and recency of visits. The licences for Presence Analytics are charged on a per access point model.

Location based services

Geo-fencing technology allows this data to be taken one step further. Geo-fencing draws invisible lines around specific sales areas or locations to identify behaviour patterns within that area. This is facilitated by setting up WiFi grids where activity is monitored, allowing instant confirmation of who is using the network and where.

Purple WiFi can then gauge how long consumers will remain in these areas and what purchases they are considering. This valuable information assists venues to develop marketing engagement strategies that can then be implemented in real time, including email and messages sent to a consumer’s phone, highlighting offers in the store.

The licences for Location Based Services are charged on a per access point model.


Aislelabs is a technology company assisting retailers to increase sales through the power of big data analytics. They help their clients understand customer traffic patterns and behaviour inside and outside their physical stores in ways never before possible.

This deeper understanding empowers their suite of products to deliver highly personalised marketing tailored for individual in-store customers. Aislelabs' technology transforms retail locations to smart stores, resulting in effective marketing, increased sales, and better customer satisfaction.

Proximity marketing solutions work with or without an APP.


AisleLabs Flow

Aislelabs Technology Partner

Actionable insights on visitors inside and outside your stores. Visualise first time vs. repeat visitors, customer loyalty, dwell times, walking paths, real-time heat-maps, and the complete conversion funnel. Set and compare the performance of your campaigns.

An easy-to-use cloud based interface provides a real-time view across all stores. Slice and dice metrics across your properties in ways that make sense for your business. Track key objectives across all locations and obtain complete visibility on shopping behaviour.

AisleLabs Engage

Easily create marketing messages using an intuitive template-based UI. Deliver real-time push notifications to shoppers as they walk inside or near your stores. Use a cloud based intelligence engine to personalise the messages based on millions of data points about individual shopper profiles, precise locations, and store traffic flow. Create objective-driven campaigns with simple configurable parameters based on your business needs. Receive insightful reports on the performance of campaigns.

Transform your stores into smart stores and turn every square inch of real estate into a context-sensitive marketing medium. Engage and reward your customers by offering a memorable shopping experience.

AisleLabs Pass

Enterprise mobile wallet marketing platform with iBeacon location and social sharing Create mobile wallet coupons and Apple's Passbook passes using an intuitive campaign creator. Manage a catalogue of all passes and coupons in a cloud-managed dashboard. Effortlessly share everything on social properties, including Facebook and Twitter. Attribute marketing back to source channel, i.e., email campaigns, social media marketing, and physical displays. Get detailed reports with insights on performance of campaigns.

Target audience based on precise location and behaviour. Integrate with iBeacon and bluetooth smart for precise indoor proximity. Engage and reward your shoppers by enabling a rich and memorable shopping experience.

AisleLabs Navigate

Indoor Positioning for Your App.

Advanced location technology to enable accurate positioning in your app. Integrate with any Android or iOS app via drag-and-drop mobile SDK. Combine the power of iBeacon Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies to get the most accurate indoor location. Deploy and manage everything via easy to use cloud-hosted infrastructure. Configure and change anything anytime from web dashboards without having to update the app.

Integrated Wi-Fi + Beacon location triangulation technology optimied for venues, malls, airports, stores, attractions and indoor spaces. High accuracy positioning in an enterprise grade platform.

AisleLabs Social WiFi

Monetise Your Digital Real-Estate.

Transform your guest Wi-Fi into a powerful market research and customer insights tool. Provide one-click access to your Wi-Fi via Facebook, Twitter, email and other popular social sites. Get access to guest’s age, gender, interests, email and other key attributes. Understand the demographics of your visitors and engage with them in an opt-in model. View footfall analytics by visitor type such as age group and gender by integrating with Aislelabs Flow.

Engage with the right visitor at the right time. Create multi-channel marketing campaigns with email, SMS, and social posts. Use rule-based marketing platform for real-time personalised communication.

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Client Testimonials

One of the worlds leading online gaming software providers has been a very happy client since 2002:

  • Why have you chosen to work with Viadex?

    Initially it was simply a matter of supply needs; it was convenient. Over the years the relationship has shifted from one-off purchase and supply, to a mutually beneficial partnership. I continue to invest in the relationship with Viadex because it offers a lot of advantages to me as Head of IT for a global business. These advantages include but are not limited to having an advocate working for us in discussions with vendors, having someone to make contact with vendors and either arrange proof of concept engagements or provide some background and advise relating to the vendor.

  • What are the primary benefits and/or results Viadex brings to your organisation?

    Viadex understands our business, Viadex recognises that we are a global business requiring supply to many locations, invoicing to varied entitles and that we exist in a market where there are real advantages in terms of getting to market quickly and as a result we have high expectations when it comes to logistics turnaround times.

    The Viadex account team takes time to visit our IT team and understand our project roadmap which enables them to align to our needs, as well as to offer potential solutions to address on-going challenges. Viadex recognizes the high level of technical skill in our organisation and helps us connect with the appropriate calibre of representatives from various vendors.

    Viadex assists with managing our support relationships with vendors, and taking the above into account they also help us bypass the lower levels of support and obtain quality support levels.

    Viadex advises us of how best to handle vendors, how to maximise value in our engagements and how to achieve the best return on our investments by considering alternative vendors, taking note of the timing of our purchases and optimally structuring our investment.

  • What is the process of working with Viadex like?

    Viadex has a friendly, open engagement with us. Viadex invests in face time with multiple touch-points to provide a service across the IT spectrum. The relationship is professionally owned by an account executive who is assisted by a technical team and a procurement team. The friendly and generally informal engagements suit my style; however Viadex has a professional and formal image for the times when it is appropriate. Viadex strives to respond to mails with minimal delay and is always available to take a call.

  • Why would you recommend Viadex?

    As Head of IT I appreciate not having to sweat over the details of procurement and vendor management. I am enabled to focus on delivering the business solution knowing that I can rely on Viadex to represent our best interests in commercial discussions. Viadex presents their proposed solution for review after doing the legwork. I enjoy working with the Viadex team, I have learnt a lot from them and I believe they have learnt from us too. It is a true partner relationship.